About Me

Kathy Perret-Kathy edited-0049My life has been on ongoing learning journey focused in the area of education starting from my childhood basement classroom to the present day. Now as an independent consultant I would love to help you enhance instructional experiences for your students and staff. 

As a young child I had a favorite saying, “Every day the thing to do is learn a little something new.” In all the years since uttering that youthful sentiment, I find I still adhere to it as much now as I did then.  But at my current level of maturity and experience, I’d revise my words to something even simpler, “Being an effective educator means continuous learning.” The exciting and boundless truth is that learning is academic and humanitarian, personal and public.

Let’s LEARN and GROW together! 

Formal Educational Training

My formal educational training includes a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Iowa State University, a Masters in Teaching from Morningside College, and a PK-12 Administrator Endorsement from the Iowa Principal Leadership Academy. Other formal education training includes a K-8 Reading Endorsement and a K-12 English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement.

Classroom Experience

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with elementary students as a 4th and 5th grade teacher for 18 years.  Each day brought new learning and opportunities to reflect and grow as an educator. My passions included teaching readers and writers through a workshop approach, integrating technology, and collaborating with educators near and far.

Educational Consulting Experiences

My classroom teaching career led to a career as a school improvement consultant in the areas of literacy and ESL. For the past 5 years this has included serving as an instructional coach at both the elementary and middle school levels. I still consider myself a continuous learner as well as a facilitator of learning. Research in education has never been more appreciated and essential. As a continuous learner, I’ve made a practice of being knowledgeable about what the research offers especially in reference to meeting the needs of all students.  I believe my role is to be a facilitator of learning for all individuals in the school community setting.  This includes inspiring and empowering students, teachers, support staff, as well as parents and community members.

Connected Educator

Since the late 1990’s I have considered myself a connected educator. In the early days I collaborated with teachers all around the globe via forums, chat rooms, and instant message. Today these are replaced by Twitter, blogging, podcasts, Google+ Hangouts and Skype. Being a connected educator in the early years transformed my teaching. Today I continue to LEARN and GROW with each connection.



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