Coaching and Training for Instructional Coaches


Virtual coaching

Kathy offers high quality strategies for instructional coaches, teachers and administrators to make meaningful, long-lasting improvements in instruction and student learning.

Coaching Coaches

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.33.05 PMInstructional coaches benefit greatly from having a coach of their own. Kathy is available for individual or group coaching of instructional coaches to provide the necessary ongoing support instructional coaches need to LEARN and GROW.

Kathy has served as an instructional coach at the middle school and elementary school levels. She has learned first hand the skills needed to inspire and empower teachers to new heights.

Virtual coaching allows for immediate, focused, customized coaching to fit your needs! 

  • Free initial Skype call to determine if virtual coaching is right for you.
  • Session duration is up to you and your goals. Some choose once a month, others like twice a month.
  • Goals are set by you! Sessions can also include some training as needed.

Contact Kathy to learn more about introductory pricing. 

Instructional Coaching Training

Kathy received her training as a trainer of instructional coaching from Dr. Jim Knight. She is available for customized training for individuals or groups of instructional coaches. She strongly believes professional learning opportunities are not “one-time events.” Customized instructional coaching training can be offered on-site or virtually.

Instructional Coaching training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Develop the skills and strategies for instructional coaches to make meaningful, long-lasting improvements in instruction and student learning.
  • Practice the coaching cycle including a pre-visit, observation and post-visit.
  • Learn how to give non-evaluative feedback supported by collecting observational classroom data; analyze student work samples to guide planning and instruction; and use protocols to guide coaching conversations and subsequent action steps.
  • And much more…

Contact Kathy Perret for more information! 

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