Leadership Team Development & Support

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 12.02.40 PMAre you looking for ways to strengthen your building leadership team? 

   Do you want to enhance professional learning opportunities in your school?

Would you like these opportunities CUSTOMIZED to your school’s goals?

Successful building leadership teams are often responsible for developing professional learning opportunities for the full staff or smaller groups of educators at the school-based level. Time and perhaps lack of resources or deep knowledge in the approach being studied often gets in the way.

How would you like a guide on the side? Learning is Growing is currently accepting school teams to embark on enhancing professional learning opportunities for educators. Consulting will include, but is not limited to:

  • Monthly or bi-monthly virtual meetings to assist in analyzing data and building professional learning experiences for staff.
  • Behind the scene research and the development of customized agendas and learning modules for you to deliver.
  • Virtual coaching so that building leadership teams are comfortable in facilitating professional development sessions at the school based level.

Don’t let the “there’s not enough time in a day” get you down! Learning is Growing is here to support you!

Learning is Growing puts YOUR TEAM in the driver’s seat of the professional learning opportunities in your school by doing some of the “behind the scenes work” for you to be successful!

Contact Kathy Perret for more information! 

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