Nichole Z. ~ Reading Recovery/Title I Teacher

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Over the past years, having Kathy as our instructional coach was vital to the success of our students due to the way that we collected data and made instructional decisions based on that data. She helped us implement ways to collect data and then analyze it to be more effective. Kathy was always willing and eager to help teachers implement new strategies and is very knowledgeable in not only those strategies, but all educational research, data, differentiation, and high expectations for students. She helped teachers see that it was okay to take risks and try new things. Using the data system that Kathy helped develop was very beneficial to look at our students’ data over the past years and see where their strengths and weaknesses are and how we can best help them – this is largely due to Kathy’s time and effort put forth to have a system in place that we could use. Kathy continues to be someone I can rely on if I need assistance with something. She is and always has been willing to go the extra mile to benefit our teachers and students. Many of the best practices that are still implemented at Irving are successful due to Kathy’s instructional coaching in previous years in making sure the teachers there are knowledgeable about the practices and implemented them with fidelity.

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