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February, 2012

I was recently asked to gather testimonials to support my work as an instructional coach. The following were received from educators at a past school (Irving Elementary School) and my current schools (Whittier Elementary and Leeds Elementary). All three schools are in the Sioux City Community School District.


This is the first year that I have had the privilege of working with Kathy Perret. She has been an active part of our building’s CARE Team, as well as, our BLT. Through both of these I have been able to be blessed with seeing the amount of knowledge this person has and is willing to share with our staff. Kathy has led several of our Monday PD’s and taught us a lot about the wide range of technology that is out there for use in our classrooms. As a result, I have started creating a Symbaloo containing district-approved websites that my students can access in the area of Reading. I have also created a Twitter account where my 3rd grade students can write about stories they have been reading and receive responses from other students around the world. These are the kinds of things that our students are needing and wanting in their education. They live in this technological world and I am pleased to be offering them something involving technology.

Kathy is a very down to earth person to work with. She goes above and beyond to make our jobs easier as educators. She is willing to help out any way she can. I have seen materials that Kathy has created in the area of Fluency and I am very impressed with how user-friendly and educationally sound these materials are. I think the students could benefit from this program she created.

Gennifer Paul-Fetterman, Title I, Whittier Elementary School


I am privileged to write in support of Kathy Perret, an instructional coach for Leeds.  I have worked with Kathy this past year.  Kathy is responsible for helping teachers incorporate researched-based instructional practices.

Kathy shows a willingness to participate in professional initiatives and takes responsibility for reaching sound outcomes.  Her special perspectives and skills include technology integration, interventions and data collection, and formative assessment.  She creates a weekly informational newsletter called The Learning Journey that offers resources to teachers about effective instructional practices, facilitating teachers’ reflections about their classroom practices, blogging, twitter, wikispaces, skype, and websites.  Kathy planned an #EdCamp, an education conference with a focus on technology.  Kathy developed materials and methods to engage teachers more actively and authentically in learning about the Daily 5, a literacy structure.  Kathy has assisted our staff with the General Education I-Plan.  She is profoundly dedicated and responsible.

 Rita Vannatta, Principal, Leeds Elementary School


I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Perret, an AEA Instructional Coach, for a few years prior to her change in schools.  She was always willing to help in any way possible.  Ms. Perret helped me further my understanding in the Picture Word Inductive Model.  She demonstrated lessons and provided support for my students to take them beyond the required curriculum once they had mastered it.  Ms. Perret has always been available to me when I needed resources such as nonfiction text and PWIM (Picture Word Inductive Model) posters.  She is valuable to our school district and my students have directly benefited from her assistance.

Rebecca Mahlberg, Kindergarten, Irving Elementary School


I appreciate that Kathy Perret is assigned to Whittier as an instructional coach.  She regularly communicates with teachers in response to their job-embedded learning needs.  For example, when she learned teachers wanted easier access to websites for students based on grade level and concepts/skills taught, she provided an overview of SymbalooEDU  (to bookmark sites) at a professional development session.  Then, she tailored a Symbaloo based on Whittier teacher feedback and provided more specific professional development as needed.

Angela Banks, Principal, Whittier Elementary School


I am a second grade teacher at Leeds Elementary.  Kathy Perret has been as asset to our building in several ways.  First she has been an important part of our Building Leadership Team helping us navigate our way, as we became a SINA (School In Need of Assistance) school this year.  Secondly, she helped me navigate through and set up a few general education individual plans for my students in need.  Thirdly, she has helped me begin to implement The Daily 5 in my classroom by co-teaching alongside myself.  She has also been available to help with resources, as I have needed them.

Jamey Bryce, 2nd Grade, Leeds Elementary School


Kathy has been in my room this year to work with students on inferring.  We planned lessons together and she came in and she came in and taught them.  Kathy did a very nice job including technology and getting every student involved.

I feel she is beneficial to the Sioux City Community School District as she brings in a lot of new ideas and supports us with whatever our needs are.  She is doing a great job!

Teri March, 3/4 Combo, Whittier Elementary School


Prior to this year, Kathy was our instructional coach. She was vital to the success of our students due to the way that we collected data and made instructional decisions based on that data.  She helped us implement ways to collect data and then analyze it to be more effective.  Kathy was always willing and eager to help teachers implement new strategies and was very knowledgeable about those strategies.  She helped teachers see that it was okay to take risks and try new things.

We continue to use the data system that Kathy helped develop.  It is very beneficial to look at our students’ data over the past years and see where their strengths and weaknesses are and how we can best help them – this is largely due to Kathy’s time and effort put forth to have a system in place that we could use to do this.

Although Kathy isn’t our instructional coach this year, she continues to be someone we can rely on if we need assistance with something.  She is and always has been willing to go the extra mile to benefit our teachers and students.  Many of the best practices that are implemented at Irving are successful due to Kathy’s instructional coaching in previous years in making sure we were knowledgeable about the practices and implemented them with fidelity.

Nichole Zoeller, Title I, Irving Elementary School


I would like to show my appreciation for Kathy Perret, our former instructional coach at Irving. She has helped me with learning about the Text Talk vocabulary strategy, authentic writing, using STEP– a new data system she and Northwest AEA Colleagues developed, using better objectives for my small groups, assessments, and making my intervention groups more meaningful and successful. I learned so much from Kathy. I definitely appreciate all she has taught me.

Deb Smith, Title I, Irving Elementary School


Ms. Perret has brought 21st century techniques to our classroom.   She helped teach our students how to blog and provided helpful websites for us to use in the classroom.  Ms. Perret has also taught some reading comprehension lessons.   More recently, Ms. Perret helped write a grant for us to purchase netbooks to be used in the classroom.  This will help us utilize Skills Iowa to its fullest.

Cyndi Bennett, Nicole Ofert, Kim Hickman, Janice Ryan, 5th Grade, Leeds Elementary School


It has been great to be able to work with Kathy Perret again. I first met Kathy when she was assigned to Irving Elementary as an instructional coach. This year she is assigned to Whittier.

The staff and I appreciate all of her help. She has helped us to begin to understand the Iowa Core. Her weekly newsletters provide us with so much great information. I have found many useful ideas to help my students succeed.

When I had a student I was concerned about, she was here to help me brainstorm intervention ideas and other accommodations.  It appreciated being able to problem solve with an instructional coach.

Most recently she has been helping my class, and others at Whittier, set up blogs. Students can’t wait to write and share their ideas. They are learning important 21st century skills that will last them a lifetime.

She is an incredible resource to our school!

Rachel Puhrman, 1st Grade, Whittier Elementary School


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